Township Basics



Building & Zoning

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer
Roger M. Koffel and Gerald Rittenhouse  

Roger Jerry

Roger & Jerry inspect job sites for building and plumbing approval. Code Inc. handles all of Franconia's electrical reviews and inspections.  Use & Occupancy Permits are required for all commercial building and residential new construction. We do not require a U&O for residential resale or rental changes. 

Mr. Koffel and Mr. Rittenhouse can be reached by calling the Township building:

Phone: 215-723-1137
Fax: 215-723-4167

Below is a list of recent zoning ordinances that have been passed and added to the online code:

Ordinance #383- Storage sheds & changes to C-Commercial and RRR-Rural Resource Residential Zoning Districts, etc.

Ordinance #378- Rezone of parcels from R-130 to IN-Institutional

Ordinance #376- Changes to C-Commercial District/Rezone of parcel from LI to C

Not yet added to the online code:

Ordinance #392 - Amending Chapter 122 of the SALDO - Dedication of Land or Payment of Fees in Lieu Thereof

Ordinance #394 -Amending Section 145-35.2(I) Accessory structures permitted for Conditional Uses within the R-130 Zoning District.

Ordinance #18-400 - Natural Resource Protection Ordinance and Amending Section 145-186 for R-175, Non-Conforming Lots. 

Ordinance 401-19 - Amending and Replacing Chapter 127, Article IV (Taxation/Tax Certification Fees).

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