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About Us

Franconia Sewer Authority (FSA) works with Franconia Township to build and manage the Township’s sewer system. The FSA also manages the wastewater treatment plant currently under construction.


The Franconia Sewer Authority’s (FSA) purpose is to promote a cleaner environment by providing public sewer service as economically as possible. We work with township, county, state, and federal agencies.

The first part of this mission – “promote a cleaner environment by providing public sewer service” – could be easily achieved by sewering the entire Township. But the constraint – “as economically as possible” – does limit where public sewer can, or should be, installed. It is often more cost-effective to properly maintain On-Lot Disposal Systems (OLDS) in areas with large lot sizes and fewer residences.

Existing Residents and New Development

When a large area of land is being developed, the FSA typically will try to extend sewer service to existing residents. By law, however, the developer is allowed to recover an equivalent share of the costs from existing residents that tie into the system. Even so, construction costs tend to be cheaper when performed during development, so it is generally more economical to extend sewers at that time.

If a given area with smaller lots and poor soils has a number of failing OLDS, it may be necessary to extend public sewer without a developer’s assistance. This is done to eliminate a potential public health hazard.

Assisting Agencies

The FSA works with numerous public agencies to carry out its mission. Its primary responsibility lies with the elected officials of Franconia Township.

The Township:

  • Implemented the Sewer Management Program to inspect and assure proper maintenance of OLDS (see the Township’s website for more information).
  • Is more aware of the potential for future development, and establishes zoning requirements. These help dictate the need for public sewer in a given area.

Other agencies that weigh in on potential public sewer expansion include:

  • The Montgomery County Planning Commission
  • The County Health Department
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which:
    • Has specific planning guidance and permit requirements for public sewer installations
    • Carries out the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency

FSA Facts

The Franconia Sewer Authority:

  • Is a Municipal Authority operated under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act
  • Has three full-time employees, one part-time employee, and taps the time of some of the Township’s Public Works employees
  • Has just over 3,300 customers; mostly residential
  • Has its own treatment plant – which discharges into the Skippack Creek near Souder, Schoolhouse, and Forman roads
  • Directs wastewater to 4 neighboring municipal treatment plants: Hatfield Township, Lower Salford Township, Souderton Borough, and Telford Borough
  • Generates quarterly sewer service invoices
  • Charges residential customers $180.00 quarterly